This simple helper will remove the protected status from your current gitlab branch, push, then immediately restore it.
Suck a directory out of a OneDrive link without having to click like a peasant. Optionally compare its content with previous version and send alerts if there are changes.
Automatically trigger "Do Not Disturb" mode while Zoom call is active. If you yourself enter do-not-disturb-mode, it should not interfere.
Just a little tool to generate project boilerplates that I like.
Searchable, sortable UI for awesome-go, with some extra metadata.
Quick and dirty utility to make emby a bit more useful as a music player. Largely failed, I'm afraid.
Experimental utility which tries to ease the workflow in a multi-module project, and without using lerna or similar monorepo setup.
A "CMS-light" express.js router that serves UI for a single CRUD resource.
A web page to generate (and remember) randomish things, like passwords.
A program to test different SQL pagination strategies. Almost a blog article.
Command line utility to equalize timestamps (created date, last access date, last write date) between files and directories in two paths (including subdirectories).
Entirely adequate node.js in-memory cache with lru and ttl support
Quick online boilerplate generator. Toggle a few switches and just copy/paste code into your editor.
Super simple command line proxy, suitable for CORS busting
Create a media gallery straight from Windows Explorer or desktop context menu.
Issue tracker application, produced for the purpose of a job interview over a week.
Just node.js consts as an enum. Nothing more.
Smart node.js store with persistence. Works just like a regular object, except it auto-persists to HDD. Useful for tiny project with basic persistence needs. Fire & forget.
Frontend library that simplifies communication between iFrame and its parent window when you control both sides.
A (better) node.js lock library
Quickly load markdown (eg. from a public url (eg. your git repository) and place it in your DOM
An experimental React TODO app with JSX and without a build system.
Reduce the rate of events per time unit. Similar to lodash's debounce, except it uses events instead of functions.
Tiny bash utilities to better manage pyvenv and pyenv. No one should probably use these but me.
Very simple script to install node binary distributions on linux systems
A simple bash command to help developers navigate between projects.
A bash framework for more advanced scripts. Provides mostly argv parsing, logging and module system.
Simple javascript interval converter
Yet Another Async Library. Series or parallel, multiple tasks or one task many times.
Like fs.readdir, just with additional options
Cut (file) stream into lines. Supports UTF-8, PC/MAC/NIX newline conventions, random access
Final school project - vector drawing app made in C# WPF.
Image manipulation program optimized for quick organization of a large hierarchy of images (specifically music album covers).
Convert TXT files to HTML, to make them easier to read. Remake of HTML Colorel.
Visual comparaison of efficiency of sorting algorithms
School project, a PacMan clone game using DX9 rendering. Includes level editor.
Rename folders with home-made regex replacement
A tool to colorize and format books (or documents) for easier reading on screen.
Utility to convert M3U ordering to track num ID3 tags.
Equalize file names based on part of source filename.
A relatively serious file renamer tool, with accent on organizing an MP3 collection
Editor for MP3 v1 tags, intended for organizing an MP3 collection.
Simple Windows game, made in Deplhi 7
A utility to generate vector images using L-System fractals.
This utility reads ID3 (v1) tags and copies files to folders based on their content.