Ivan Pantić

Full stack developer

About me

I like to program. Frontend, backend, apps, whatever. I like it all.

Currently, I am deeply into all things javascript (node.js, react, angular). I am also learning golang, Kotlin and JVM ecosystem in general

I make an occasional OSS node module or app. I also make things just for myself and never ever release them. I also tweet.

Day job

I am currently employed as a full stack developer at Balkaneum. We are developing a new crypto-currency called Safex, and the ecosystem around it.

I was previously the lead dev at Spinview Global, where I worked on a VR hosting platform, analytics and VR product add-ons.

Current hobby projects

  • Aggregader, an ad aggregator for several Serbian classifieds websites. Currently in private beta. Angular, node and mongo.
  • Steam Browser, a desktop app that lets you browse through your Steam collection and launch games. Electron.
  • My old node modules - I have plans to either officially deprecate or upgrade a bunch of my old node modules. Stay tuned.
  • I have a bunch of freeware windows programs I've made during the 2000-s. They should appear in the "Work" section at some point.
  • Blog. I haven't felt like writing lately, but that can change any day now...


Interested in contacting me? See my CV here.