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Ivan Pantić

Software engineer

About me

I've been making software for more than 10 years. Be it frontend, backend, app development or infrastructure, I enjoy every aspect of it. Lately, I've also taken a bit more leadership and mentoring duties.

My current stack of choice is javascript-based: node.js, react, typescript. I am also getting into dev-ops stuff, golang and rust.

In my spare time, I sometimes make OSS modules and apps. I also make things just for myself and never ever release them. I also tweet.


I am currently contracted as the tech lead at financial asset exchange platform xcalibra. I am in charge of development, infrastructure and project management of the app itself and its surrounding ecosystem.

I was previously the lead dev at Spinview Global, where I worked on a VR hosting platform, analytics and VR product add-ons.

I am not actively seeking new opportunities at this time.


Want to contact me? See my CV here.