Ivan Pantić

Full stack developer

About me

I am a full stack developer. I used to make desktop apps. Now I do web (and mobile) development.

I also dabble with system administration, UX design, feature planning and whatever else is needed in a small company.

Day job

I am the lead dev at C-Code D.O.O I've been here for 5 or so years.

Currently, I am leading development of a new web hosting and ordering platform for a 3D content production company, Spinview. React + redux frontend, node.js backend.

Previously, I helped develop a mobile app storefront for Odd Molly. React Native client. PHP Slim + Elastic Search backend.

Night job

Setting up this blog. Tweeting a bit. Organizing and preserving my old projects. Planning new ones.


I'm not actively seeking a change of employment.

You are however free to download my CV here