Very simple library to manipulate human-readable time intervals.

Install with:

npm install interspell

Then use like this:

    var Interspell = require("interspell");

    // Use as a constructor 
    var i1 = new Interspell("2 hours, 24 minutes");

    // Use as a function
    var i2 = new Interspell(i1.value - Interspell.value("16min"));

    // Create strings using multiple formats    
    console.log(i2.toString("full")); // "2 hours and 8 minutes"


  • Recognize interval from human readable string
  • Print interval into string
  • Provide raw value in ms
  • Multiple formats, including ISO 8601

To see available formats and settings, check out vars.js file.


This should be considered safe to use for the basic demonstrated functionality.

However, there are several missing features that will require some internal refactoring.
I don't expect any interface changes, but no promises.

Until the changes are completed, this library should be considered alpha.

Use it on your own responsibility!


Apache v2. Read it here.