A simple bash command to help developers navigate between projects.


# Jump to /dev/projects/php/softdrink
gd softdrink

# But also works with
gd sdr # fuzzy match
gd php # most recent PHP project

# Or just enter
# to jump to the most recently modified project

The target directory is determined by:

  • Direct or partial match of the directory name
  • Fuzzy pattern match (prj -> project)
  • Existence of .git repository
  • Date of last change

GoToProject just picks the most likely match and cd-s there. It's that simple.

TIP: Set env. variable GTP_DEBUG to 1 to see debugging output.


Paste this into your terminal and follow the on-screen instructions:

wget -O- -q | bash

Alternatively, if you're a jaded untrusting soul, you could clone the repository, inspect the content and then run,


  • Bash 4.3

It might work on older versions, but it wasn't tested and installer won't support it.

  • GNU toolchain

No worries on Linux.
On Mac, please install homebrew, then execute brew install coreutils.

  • Screen compatible command

    Either screen or whiplash. Should come preinstalled on linux. brew install screen on Mac.

Version history

Version Description
0.1 Initial release
0.2 Better fuzzy parsing when used with multiple arguments. Eg. gd word1 word2
0.3 Better installer safety. Added Mac support
0.4 Speed up by excluding directories like .git and node_modules. Also fix installer bash version detection (now works with 5).