Searchable, sortable UI for awesome-go, with some extra metadata.

The extra data we currently load is:

  • creation date
  • last update date
  • license
  • social stats (stars, forks, followers)

We only support github. We also don't have handling for custom websites at the moment.

All data and curation is courtesy of the awesome-go project. Go there and donate.


To run the generator, create .env with settings and then

npm install

You might want to configure GitHub OAuth client ID and secret, to have better rate limits. Also, during development (GITHUB_CACHE_DIRECTORY). Full list of envs can be seen in generator/settings.js.


npm run serve

if you want to work on frontend.


  • Better license info
  • Add info from
  • Support gitlab and/or bitbucket
  • Load more project stats, eg. last commit or activity graph
  • Scrape some images and info from projects and include them in the page.